The purpose of this form is to measure the level of unity and commitment to the standards of the Biblical Mennonite Alliance and Skyline Mennonite Church, and thus prevent drift within these organizations. It is also used to identify compatibility of prospective members. Please indicate your position on each of the statements using the scale from 1 to 3. Explanations are encouraged.

disagree = 1, mostly agree = 2, agree = 3


  1. My belief is in harmony with the articles of faith as described in the 1963 Mennonite Confession of Faith as adopted by the Biblical Mennonite Alliance.

  3. Through the guidance of its leaders, the church has authority for direction and discipline.

  5. God’s gift of sex is to be reserved only for marriage. All forms of homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, bestiality, incest, fornication, adultery, and pornography are sinful perversions.

  7. The Bible is clear on the permanence of the marriage bond between one man and one woman. Therefore initiating divorce or re-marrying after divorce (while a former spouse is still living) is considered to be outside the will of God and thus unacceptable.

  9. Human life is a special gift of God and is not to be pre-meditatively extinguished under any circumstance whether it is by abortion, assisted suicide, murder, infanticide, or euthanasia.

  11. The personal appearance of the true Christian believer must present a clear witness to Biblical teachings of separation from the world’s influence in such matters as modest apparel, gender distinction, and simplicity. Shorts, tight-fitting clothing, or any apparel that draws sensual attention to the body has a tendency to cause impure thoughts and therefore must be avoided.

  13. All decorative jewelry, the wedding band, and any make-up that alters the natural appearance should not be a part of our practice.

  15. The Bible teaches man’s unveiled head and short hair and woman’s veiled head and natural length hair. The best application of the headship ordinance is for the sisters to wear their veiling as a part of their regular attire. While a uniform style is not required across the Alliance, a veiling of substantial size is required. Both men and women are expected to take seriously their commitments to the application of these Bible teachings.

  17. The proper application of the leadership order is for the Christian man to take seriously the Biblical commandment to be a Christ-like leader in the home and congregation and for the woman to complement him as his helper.

  19. Television and the Internet have the potential to influence us and our children in a negative way – emotionally and spiritually. Each member shall exercise Spirit-directed caution in the use of all media. Whenever the use of any media promotes an ungodly worldview or desensitization to sin, such use must be avoided.

  21. Fathers are responsible for whatever form of media they allow in their home along with the influence it has on their family and family life. Therefore congregations should hold fathers accountable for the media used in their homes.

  23. Jesus teaches in Matthew 18 that we are accountable to each other. He offers clear instructions for approaching one another. Members are expected to participate in these steps of resolution when offenses arise.


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Rev 8/05